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Chainalysis Acquires Transpose to Bolster Blockchain Data Infrastructure and Accelerate Towards

Chainalysis, the leading blockchain data and analytics provider, announced the acquisition of Transpose, a prominent blockchain data and infrastructure firm. This move positions Chainalysis to bolster its capabilities and further its vision of a future dominated by on-chain transactions.

Transpose is known for simplifying the building of applications using web3 data, facilitating smooth user experiences, powering wallet applications, and enabling detailed analysis of financial activity. Their services have also been instrumental in fulfilling tax and compliance requirements.

Chainalysis, a firm believer in blockchain's potential to revolutionize value exchange in the same way the internet changed information exchange, sees this acquisition as a strategic move towards that future. There's a growing trend amongst companies and developers to move away from complicated data systems, which rely on unreliable node services or incomplete data providers. In this light, Transpose's offerings hold significant promise, with their fast, flexible, and dependable APIs providing access to precise historical and real-time blockchain data.

The inclusion of Transpose's technology and team is expected to fast-track Chainalysis's roadmap, strengthening its standing as the most trusted, scalable, and straightforward source of web3 data and apps in the industry.

With the acquisition, Chainalysis extends a warm welcome to Transpose, and looks forward to collaborating with their combined customers and partners to work toward a more efficient and transparent financial system

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