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Ethereum Scaling Solution Aurora Unveils ‘Strategic Partnership’ for Web3 Workers

Aurora – an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible scaling and bridge solution built on top of the NEAR Protocol blockchain network – announced a strategic partnership with blockchain-based employment cooperative for the Web3 ecosystem called Opolios.

Aurora-Opolios Partnership

According to the official press release shared with CryptoPotato, the latest integration will enable USDC payments on the Aurora network for independent workers to ramp up payment processes, increase flexibility, and provide greater access to compensate workers in preferred currencies.

This partnership between Aurora and Opolios is also expected to positively affect both Web3 businesses as well as independent workers that function across the world to manage their payrolls in a more efficient way.

Members of Opolios will also be able to receive payments on-chain in USDC.e or USDC on the Aurora Network. On the other hand, the businesses operating within the Aurora ecosystem will be able to leverage the Opolis platform to streamline payments for freelancers and fund payroll. Such a move could potentially fuel increased “financial flexibility” along with “operational efficiency.”

Commenting on the latest development, Anton Paisov, Head of Integrations at Aurora, stated,

“We’re on the brink of a workplace revolution that will provide workers greater autonomy, flexibility, and satisfaction than a traditional ‘career’ ever could. What Opolis wants to do is empower people to work the way they please and make all of the scary administrative stuff easy. This integration with Aurora furthers that goal by opening up access to the folks that prefer payment in digital currencies.”

Aurora Q1 Performance

Aurora recently launched a new partner program aimed at supporting builders in the ecosystem. Its Aurora V2 Validator was also relaunched, thereby allowing Aurora DAO delegators to receive staking rewards in both AURORA and NEAR. Besides, it terminated its partnership with Etherscan, which resulted in the decommissioning of Aurorascan.

Aurora, along with Sweat Economy,, and NEAR Crowd, significantly contributed to the daily active accounts of Near Protocol in the first quarter of 2023. According to Messari’s report, the average count throughout the period was around 64,000.

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