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Hackers broke into the cryptocurrency exchange Acx and stole $37 million in digital assets.

The Acx cryptocurrency exchange was recently hacked, and more than $37 million in cryptocurrency assets were stolen. Hackers controlled multiple user accounts and launched attacks when the exchange completed IEO and listed new trading pairs for trading. After stealing the assets, the hackers disappeared.

Acx announced that it would compensate users for losses with frozen assets and admitted that the exchange's monitoring system failed to detect the attack. Acx said the incident was an important warning and would increase technology investment and security mechanisms to protect user rights. Regulators should also strengthen industry regulation to prevent such incidents from happening again.

The hacker attack once again proves that the security risks facing the cryptocurrency industry still exist. In recent years, hacker attacks have been heard from time to time, and major exchanges and companies have also become targets of attacks. Hackers use technical means to defraud a large amount of assets in a short time, causing huge losses to users and companies.

As users, we should be more vigilant, carefully choose and use trading platforms and services, regularly change account passwords, Google authenticators, etc., to reduce risks as much as possible. Implementing a zero-trust principle is especially critical in the field of cryptocurrency asset trading. We can only trust technology and our own vigilance to effectively prevent losses.

For enterprises and platforms, continuously strengthening security technology investment and protection is an important social responsibility. Regularly conduct vulnerability scanning and patching, deploy the latest monitoring technology and mechanisms, establish emergency plans for emergencies, and effectively safeguard user rights and asset security. Only by continuously improving security prevention capabilities can long-term stable operations be achieved.

The entire industry is also urgently in need of further maturity and regulation. It is necessary to formulate unified security and regulatory standards, widely solicit the opinions of security experts and all parties, and implement stringent policies and measures to promote the healthy development of the industry. Supervision should keep up with technological developments and changes in times to effectively control industry risks and protect consumer rights.

The cryptocurrency field offers unlimited opportunities but also huge risks. Only by closely following technological and market trends and taking practical actions to continuously increase vigilance and security can the industry and users achieve a win-win situation. The Acx incident rang the alarm bell. We must turn a deaf ear and jointly safeguard the long-term development of this industry.

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