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Hong Kong's First Central Bank Digital Currency Pilot Project Launched

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority issued the first central bank digital currency pilot project, cooperating with three local banks, developing a central bank digital currency (CBDC) prototype based on blockchain technology, and applying and testing it in wholesale payments and market infrastructure.

This marks that digital currencies have gained recognition from mainstream financial institutions and regulators and are ready to emerge.

Under the impetus of the central bank, blockchain technology has become the cornerstone for the realization of digital currencies.

Its distributed ledger and encryption algorithm not only ensure transaction security and transparency, but also improve the efficiency of transactions and settlements in the market.

These advantages are applicable not only to decentralized digital currencies such as Bitcoin, but also lay the technical foundation for the legal digital currencies issued by central banks.

The success of this pilot project will open up a new era for the application of digital currencies in the global financial system.

It may ultimately change our currency payment methods and market settlement models.

The integration of blockchain and digital currencies is leading the way currencies are registered and settled into a new era.

Under this wave, central banks around the world will also accelerate their progress.

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