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Injective Upgrades Mainnet for Enhanced Scalability and Block Time Optimization

Injective, the smart contract platform within the Cosmos ecosystem, is set to upgrade its Avalon mainnet today.

The proposal for this upgrade has received overwhelming community support, with a final approval rate of 99.8%. The upgrade aims to enhance L1 scalability, achieve sub-second block generation time, and implement PoS delegation transformation.

Injective’s proposal to upgrade the Avalon mainnet has garnered strong support from the community, with an impressive approval rate of 99.8%. This signifies the community’s endorsement of the upgrade’s objectives, which include improving L1 scalability, achieving sub-second block generation time, and implementing PoS delegation transformation.

During the upgrade process, Injective Chain will transition from version 1.10 to version 1.11. To facilitate the upgrade, the mainnet will halt the injected application binary file of the v1.10 version at approximately 22:00 Beijing time on June 1. Subsequently, the injected application binary file of the v1.11 version will be activated.

The upgrade holds the promise of optimizing scalability within the Injective ecosystem. By implementing L1 scalability enhancements, Injective aims to facilitate faster and more efficient transaction processing, supporting the growth of the platform and improving the user experience.

Another significant improvement brought about by the upgrade is the achievement of sub-second block generation time. This advancement will reduce transaction confirmation times, enabling near-instantaneous execution of smart contracts and enhancing overall network efficiency.

Additionally, the upgrade includes the transformation of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) delegation. This change is expected to enhance the decentralization and security of the network by enabling token holders to delegate their staking power to trusted validators.

Injective‘s Avalon mainnet upgrade, driven by strong community support, aims to optimize scalability and block time within the ecosystem. With L1 scalability enhancements, sub-second block generation time, and PoS delegation transformation, Injective aims to improve transaction processing speed, enhance network efficiency, and bolster network security. The successful implementation of the upgrade will contribute to the growth and development of the Injective platform, providing a more seamless and efficient experience for its users.

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