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Invasion of AI NFTs: Personalized Digital Art on Solana's Blockchain

Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), the innovators behind the acclaimed Web3 game, STEPN, is introducing an artificial intelligence (AI) driven non-fungible token (NFT) generator named GNT V3.

This pioneering tool positions creativity at the heart of the technological convergence of AI and Web3.

In partnership with MOOAR, the newly launched NFT marketplace by FSL, GNT V3 utilizes user selfies to produce AI-conceived images that are subsequently minted on the Solana (CRYPTO: SOL) blockchain.

Coindesk quoted FSL's co-founder, Yawn Rong as saying, "We're entering a transformative phase of Web3 technology, where the individual and blockchain technology fuse together to recreate personal expression."

"With GNT, we're exploring the limits of digital self-expression, empowering users to be the architects of their own distinctive digital works of art, all set to be exhibited and capitalized upon within the dynamic Web3 environment."

The previous month witnessed the launch of GNT V1 by FSL, providing artists with the capacity to mint unique NFTs on the MOOAR platform.

By the end of April, the company launched GNT V2, offering significant enhancements to its AI model.

FSL's other co-founder, Jerry Huang, expressed his thoughts on the potential of AI technology in a recent press statement.

"As society uncovers the benefits and drawbacks of AI technology, our team has been dedicated for months to crafting something groundbreaking with this tech," said Huang.

In November, FSL launched MOOAR, furnishing STEPN players with a proprietary marketplace to trade their NFT sneakers - an integral component of the game.

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