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Polygon Reveals New Hype Through a Cryptic Tweet

Key Points:

  • Polygon, the prominent Layer 2 project, is hinting at something that could capture the attention of a large community.

  • Other projects also joined the trend when posting tweets with just the number “2” and a purple background.

  • Many users believe in an upcoming project or possibly a new airdrop.

Recent Layer 2 projects have created an exaggerated mystery with the purple color of today’s top Layer 2 project Polygon covered around the number “2”.

Recently, a series of DeFi and Layer 2 projects are literally creating a new movement when simultaneously posting a mysterious tweet containing the number “2,” and the main background color is purple. Sandeep Nailwal, the Co-Founder of Polygon also posted this mysterious tweet before.

Not only Polygon but projects like Bungee, Polkastarter, and Orbiter Finance also responded to the movement, Umbrella Network even changed its Twitter profile picture.

Many users have begun to get excited about the event, claiming that it is an upcoming Polygon project that could cause a stir. Others think that an airdrop (very low probability) may be announced in the near future.

However, we should not expect something overwhelming like the Arbitrum airdrop or a potential new project, as this is not the first time the projects have posted such tweets together.

In February, the crypto community on Twitter woke up to the surprise of a series of top Ethereum DeFi projects that were “tumbling” about something.

Accordingly, the accounts of famous DeFi projects such as Maker, Yearn Finance, SushiSwap, Balancer, Euler, Opyn, Degenscore, Gearbox Protocol, Zerion,, Dopex, Aura Finance, … simultaneously posted pictures “fists facing left and right” with the caption “Monday ” without providing further information.

Since then, a series of other projects have also quickly “caught trending” and shared images associated with their brand identity design, making the community even more curious. But in the end, it’s just another attempt at team collaboration on projects.

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