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SEC Files Complaint Against Binance, Company Claims the Action Aims to Define Crypto Market Structur

In response to the "SEC's accusation" , Binance posted an article "SEC Complaint Aims to Unilaterally Define the Cryptocurrency Market Structure" on its official blog. Binance has been actively responding and cooperating with the SEC's investigation, but the SEC gave up and refused to communicate. accusations and tough regulation. The SEC's unilateral labeling of certain tokens and services as securities will only compound these issues, and Binance will do everything in its power to defend the platform.

While Binance takes the allegations seriously, they intend to defend their platform vigorously, stating that the SEC's refusal to engage productively is an example of the Commission's failure to provide clarity and guidance to the digital asset industry. Binance argues that the SEC's approach is heavy-handed and relies on enforcement rather than a nuanced approach to a complex and dynamic industry.

The company also asserts that the SEC's actions are undermining the United States' role as a global hub for financial innovation and leadership. Binance emphasizes that an effective regulatory framework requires collaboration, transparency, and thoughtful policy engagement, which they believe the SEC has abandoned.

The company assures that user assets on the Binance.US platform have never been at risk, and any allegations suggesting otherwise are incorrect. Binance remains committed to cooperating with regulators and policymakers globally, promising to work together with industry partners to defend the technology from misguided lawsuits and maintain efforts to provide a safe and trusted platform for their users.

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