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Three Arrows Capital Founder Addresses Fund Separation

According to Foresight News: Three Arrows Capital founder Zhu Su has released a statement regarding the separation of DeFiance Capital (DC) and Starry Night Capital (SNC) funds from Three Arrows Capital Ltd (TACL). Zhu Su states that, to their understanding, DC and SNC have always been managed separately from TACL's other funds, both procedurally and in practice. As a result, they believe that DC and SNC should be considered independent funds, as they were not actively managed by TACL's board during their tenure.

As the acting liquidator for TACL, Zhu Su claims that Teneo has repeatedly attempted to seize funds belonging to other investors. Even from a technical and legal standpoint, they argue that DC and SNC assets should belong to TACL's subsidiary funds. TACL is currently in the liquidation phase, with Interpath appointed to manage the process. Zhu Su expects that, through proper legal proceedings, investors in DeFiance Capital and Starry Night Capital should retain ownership of their respective assets.

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